Always Do Your Best

Do your best.  How can anyone complain if they’ve done their best?

While it is quite tempting to want to be the best, for many, simply doing your best is gold-medal worthy.

What could be a sad thing for many dreams, is that people sell themselves short because they think winning a medal is the only measure of greatness.

Twice yesterday, I witnessed two athletes finish dreadfully last in their preliminary heats.  They received more applause than the winners.


You tell me.

Perhaps, because deep down inside of each of us, is a desire to try as hard as that person, but we don’t have the courage to risk that kind of “embarrassment”.

When people aren’t concerned about what others think, they can do extraordinary things.

For an adult who’s never been able to read, and they work desperately hard to try to – then one day they are able to read a kindergarten book.

Gold medal.

Ya with me?  Please don’t sell yourself short.  Do your best, no matter what others think.  This is what I tell myself everyday.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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