Fitness World Record

Have you ever seen a world record unfold before your very eyes?

Ever catch one on video?

Last summer, in Finland, I did both.

The “buzz” afterwards was that it was the equivalent of Roger Banister breaking (1956) the four-minute mile barrier.

Pushing the limits, even if it’s simply walking in your very first 5k, is what doing the impossible is all about. It’s about you, your goals, and going after them.


Health Habits Begin Here

Look, I really don’t want to preach and tell people what they should do, but really, do you need anybody to tell you you should take care of your body?

Alright, here’s another attempt to sell you on the whole healthy habits thing. This video is short and what you need to do is at the end of it. I’d watch the whole minute 24 seconds if I were you.