Breaking Dawn or breaking down yesterday’s post?

Lane 8 just before M50 prelims at 2009 Masters Track World Championships
Lane 8 is reserved for the slowest runner in the 400 meters race


Breaking Dawn or breaking down yesterday’s post?:

1. Impossible goal = earning Lane 8 (the worst lane for the slowest runner) in the 400 meters (at the World Championships)

2. Ongoing, compelling short term goal(s) = next week’s 12th annual Windermere Run Among the Lakes 5k (my very 1st 5k ever in 2003)

3. Turning negatives into positives = cranked out a 5:56 mile yesterday, even with a very strong headwind.

Motivation is like a fire.

What if we acted like we know how to add fuel to it. All the time.

What would happen?

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

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If you tell me, I’ll never remember

photo of major league drum set
doesn’t matter if common sense has been pounded into us. what matters is using it.


How does a person stay motivated for an entire lifetime? It’s brutally difficult. Everyone gets this. If handed the motivational secrets on a silver platter, we’ll never remember them.

Yet, if wellness secrets are revealed to us in what looks like a potentially boring, repetitive, self-absorbed story (like yesterday) and we discover our “aha” moment, we’ll never forget.

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