Another Impossible Definition

Don’t let stinkin’ thinkin’ spoil your chance to be encouraged…

Let your mind open up to limitless possibilities. There is something magical about attempting the impossible. History is full of inspiring stories, from the Bible, Qur’an, and other ancient teachings, to the New York Times and CNN.

Here’s the catch. And it’s a great one.

In Lane 8’s and jeff noel’s context, impossible doesn’t mean something no human has ever done. It means something YOU have never done.

Never been able to do a push-up? Never able to run a 5k? Never been able to touch your toes? Never finished first in your age-group? These are the impossible goals that should stiffen your backbone and nail your resolve.

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Impossible Is For Amateurs

Yeah, I Know, It Seems Impossible
Yeah, I Know, It Seems Impossible

The main thing about diet and exercise, isn’t that you become a world-class athlete, or a super model.

That might be considered impossible.

The main thing about diet and exercise is that you try to get and stay as healthy as you can.

Is this impossible, or is this achievable? For your entire lifetime?

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