Features and benefits, right?

Disney's Tomorrowland landscaping
The grass caught my eye last night walking to Carousel of Progress.


Disney's Tomorrowland landscaping
You cannot use a conventional mower to cut this grass.


Features and benefits, right?

There is a long history of following the proven formula.

What we often forget is that at one time, the current formula wasn’t the proven formula, something else was.

Few, if any, remember the old way.


Because the new way is so much better. No one would ever go back to the old way.

Who’s ready, right now, to trade in their iPhone 7 for a flip-phone?

Remember when the first flip phones were the best mobile phones the world had ever seen?

And so it goes.

The outliers already know there’s a better way. Their biggest challenge is having the guts to press on in spite of the acceptance of the current, and alluringly comfortable way of doing things.




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