A second huge milestone in 3 weeks

High School basketball WPS
Been running since the year (2000) the seniors were born. Photo: Last night’s home tournament.


A second huge milestone in 3 weeks.

It was April 2000 and a Disney Institute colleague and i were discussing how out of shape we were.

i said to Bob, “Hey, can you do one pushup?”


“Okay, let’s do one pushup a day for a week and the second week do two pushups a day. And keep adding one more pushup for each week we do this.”

He was out after three weeks.

i thought i’d be lucky to last that long too.

Made it 104 weeks.

Also added turtle-pace jogging, to the neighbor’s mailbox.

Mailboxes are 100 meters apart.

Jog one “mailbox” a day for a week. Second week, two mailboxes. And so on.

So yeah, it’ll be 17 consecutive years of physical wellness.


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