Positive splits will kill your finish

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Remember the 5:46 mile from a few days ago. Well, for the first time in years, I ran a positive split. The first half 800 was faster than the second 800. Splits of 2:50/2:56.

Here’s the thing, had I run a 2:56 first 800, a 2:49 was doable for the second 800. Running a full six seconds slower at the beginning would have netted a time one second faster.

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PS. Analyzing the situation, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Was excited (too excited in this case) to go out fast. About 90 seconds in I realized the split was not going to be negative. What happens then is how long can you hold the pace without crashing and burning. Fun stuff. You’re having fun too, right?

By jeff noel

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