No one outside of Disney wants to believe this

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Mastery, or perceived mastery, only comes from being intentional where others are unintentional or oblivious.


Somewhere around 2003, i remember Lenn Millbower and Debbie Zmorenski – two passionate Disney Institute colleagues – were having a breakroom conversation about the Atkins diet.

Neither of them included me in their conversation.

i asked them why they didn’t involve me.

They said, “You don’t need to worry about your weight.”

i humbly replied, “i worry about my weight every day, maybe that’s why it seems i don’t.”

PS. Mary Flynn – one of Disney Institute’s all-time great storytellers, a colleague, author, and wise friend – is the originator of the original version of the quote above. i added the word “hard” to her original version, so i can’t take any credit for the original vibe. i will suggest, however, that i was the catalyst for making it a household phrase at Disney Institute.


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