She asked these two questions about his running

Disney Keynote Management Speaker


Disney Keynote Management Speaker


She asked these two questions about his running:

Did you always enjoy running or is it an acquired taste?

Watch when young kids are together. They do not walk anywhere. They run. And they smile and laugh while doing it. They cannot hide their joy.

Been running for the past 15 years straight. Ran track for five years in public school. Went 20+ years without running at all.

To answer the question, everything in life requires a balance of pros and cons. Some days running is joyous. Some days there is zero motivation. Before yesterday morning’s run, the longest run of┬ámy life, the motivation to run was very low.

You would have never guessed, right?

Guess again.

His advice? Don’t let someone else’s success and longevity become your excuse(s) because you think there’s something magical that you’re missing or cannot acquire.

The magic is finding a million ways to slay the bull crap lies we tell ourselves.

Good luck today.

You’re in charge.

Live like you mean it.

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