No one else is in command except

Magic Kingdom early arrival
At 710am yesterday, there were 17 Guests waiting to enter Magic Kingdom.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
Yesterday morning at 7:10am, halfway through an 8-miler.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
Running through Disney University never gets old.


One of the ways we can live a “do-over” is to reprioritize our life. Case in point. Yesterday was Friday and jam packed with an all day meeting downtown. There were a million reasons why exercise wasn’t going to fit.

Made it a priority to get up early and run 7+ miles before driving 40 minutes to be early for the meeting.

Made it a priority to leave the meeting mid-afternoon to be able to visit Gold’s gym before the Middle School Science Fair.

We are in charge of our priorities. No one else commands this.

Your move.

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