Creativity is rampant here

Teenager studying
Intellect is accentuated with physical wellness.


Creativity is rampant here.


Anywhere you want it to be.

But it has to be a deeply embedded habit. Otherwise it won’t be a habit. (That’s called a blinding flash of the obvious.)

Last night we jogged six mailboxes, but we mixed it up (got creative) to offset some chest pains.

Instead of jogging six consecutive mailboxes, we jogged three, then walked three, then completed the second three, and finished with walking three more mailboxes to finish where we began.

Guess what?

No pain.

Plus, a remarkably surprising thing happened. The second jog of three mailboxes was the fastest pace we have ever had, and we didn’t even try.


Because we were warmed up. It was an aha moment.

And even at the fastest pace, no chest pain.




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