Adjust like you mean it

Ritz Carlton Orlando entrance water fountain
Where does strength come from? We are born to have it. It’s how our species survived (and survives).
Conference speaker
Currently, none of my slides have more than four words. Why? Simplicity is operational genius. This is an observation (and a fact), not a critique.
Ritz Carlton dessert station.

Adjust like you mean it.

Work diligently to be so intentional you rarely have to adjust, but when you are confronted with needing to adjust, do it easily.

Instead of the normal M-W-F workouts, this week’s workouts will be T-T-S.


Asked the client if i could attend the conference all day. It began yesterday at 8:30am. i planned to be at the Ritz just before 8am and left home at 7:30am.

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