You know how people can tell if you’re committed to wellness?

Disney Springs
Disney Springs yesterday.


Disney movies
We watched A Wrinkle In Time yesterday at Disney’s AMC Theater complex at Disney Springs.


Let your wellness light shine brightly.

You are a beacon for others.

You are so deserving of the vibrancy you feel.

You find solace in your commitment to over-focus on your wellness compared to the way you used to under-focus on it, or ignore it completely.

You know how people can tell if you’re committed to wellness?

The same way people can tell if a business is committed to their wellness.


Basic business measurements.

In this case, it’s health metrics instead of business metrics.

The basics..

Resting heart rate.



Blood pressure.

Touch your toes.

How many pull ups, push ups, and sit ups can you do?

Walk 4-5 flights of stairs – how soon does your heart rate return to normal.

Do you lose your patience easily?

What are the main beverages you consume daily?

Do you use a snooze button to wake up?

How many calories do you get daily from processed foods?

How many grams of sugar do you consume daily?

How much water do you consume daily?

When was the last time you exercised consistently for five continuous years?

The list goes on and on.

You get the picture.

i never mentioned weight.

Why would i?

It doesn’t matter what a person weighs..

What matters are answers to the questions here.


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