Exercising to lose weight is a lie

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Below is a facebook reply (I wrote but never posted) to a FB update I made about exercising to lose weight being a lie…

Me: The paradox of exercise is we think it’s about losing weight. That’s a lie. Think about all the other benefits. I’d consider myself a coward if I ignored the (obvious) truth.

Reply: Exercise can be about losing weight, it’s not a lie! Other health benefits as well but weight loss can be pretty important.

Me (the one I wrote but opted to not post): “Totally agreed. What I think is a lie is how media portrays weight loss as the premier benefit. To me exercise’s premiere benefit is to care for (and honor) the temple that houses everything that keeps us alive. Exercise helps prevent injury, illness, disease. Exercise helps us have fun and bond with others. Exercise relieves stress, heightens awareness, and ripples over into our attitude, spirit, job, home. Most athletes (any sport) don’t exercise to lose weight, they exercise to excel. And what purpose does exercise have once a person has met their weight loss goal? (it may not seem so, but i’ve been there – many times – and am there again now). And are we saying the people with relatively acceptable BMI have no need to exercise, since they don’t need to lose weight?”

Writing is so cathartic. Patience is so empowering. Exercise is honor our temple is so fundamental.

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