6 Minute Mile?

Sunbathing After The Pool Time
Sunbathing After The Pool Time

Before you go to bed each night, do you think about when you’re going to exercise the next day?┬áMaybe you should. What would happen if you did?

So last night I asked cousin Mike, “Can you run a 6-minute mile as a 51-year old?”

“No, I can run a 7-minute mile”, Mike said.

I continued, “We’ll go 5 miles. First mile a warm-up, and then mile two as a time-trial. I’ll slow up (a lot) after that and you can catch up and we’ll run the last three miles together.”

Last week’s time trial netted a 5:45 mile. With splits of 2:55 and 2:50.

Remember when I was only running one mailbox per day? Good thing it never felt like a Green Mile.

By jeff noel

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