Playing it safe can be risky

Leo restaurant
Leo restaurant in Bogota, Columbia. Yesterday. Shared a paper sculpture activity in between the many meal courses. Fried “big-butt” ants on plate.


Leo restaurant
Leo restaurant. Photo by Natalie, our server.


Leo restaurant
We met Leonor, the founder. She is a remarkable artist. i asked Natalie if i could ask her why she took such big risks.


Leo restaurant
Leonor’s caricature.


Playing it safe can be risky.

At lunch two days ago in one of the world’s best restaurants, i ate very little of the gourmet preparations.

My two colleagues loved the experience but (silently) had to question my cautious demeanor.

For me, the next day (yesterday) was game day.

Super Bowl Sunday.

To risk eating something i had never eaten goes against everything i do as a professional speaker.

Esteban and Ben understood my point yet unless you’ve worked with some of Disney’s most passionate Cast Members, the over-focusing could seem over-bearing and excessive.

It felt risky to play it so safe (with food) with new colleagues.


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