29 mailboxes a day for a week

Assume 1,600 meters for a mile, or 16 mailboxes.

Began this week (yesterday, Monday, Memorial Day) running 29 mailboxes a day. We will repeat this today through Friday.

This is the start of our 40th week.

The math says for 11 weeks, we didn’t add a mailbox. The weeks we didn’t add, we just duplicated the previous week’s total mailbox’s.

Eleven “mailboxes” equal 1,100 meters – almost 3/4 of a mile.

Son, please bank on slow and steady winning the race.

While we may”only” be at 29 mailboxes for 40 weeks, we have been waking up early and hitting it for 40 continuous weeks.

The real metric is not distance, it’s hidden in the habit transformation.

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