Where do you see yourself?

Best Disney Institute Speakers
As a Disney Institute participant, i was asked to walk through Disney’s Hollywood Studios with my tablemates and photograph Magic.


Orlando Based Disney Speakers
Capturing a moment in time. My two partners are from South America. i was participating to learn the logistics of a new technology involving iPads in our Disney Institute curriculum.


Disney Institute speakers
He’s using an iPad to capture images of Magic in Action.


i’m one of the slowest people in the world.

i’m one of the fastest people in the world.

Which one is true?

They’re both true.


In the middle (think bell curve) of an age-based runner demographic of 55 to 59-year-olds, i’m one of the fastest.

But if we followed a traditional bell curve to the far right, and compared my speed to the outliers – the strongest and most fit 55 to 59 year-olds – i’m one of the slowest.


Be careful where you set your bar. It may be too low.

A low bar has a direct and proportion affect on our motivation to achieve great things.

Our motivation influences our result.

You’re welcome.


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