To Magic Kingdom and back again

Disney Executive Keynote Speaker
Yesterday, February 16, 2015.


Running to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and back again yesterday feels like a guilty pleasure. It’s easy to forget that it took seven years and a miracle to find and purchase an empty lot close by in 1990.

It was insanely gutsy to pack and ship everything we owned (48 boxes but no furniture) and drive from Washington State to Orlando in 1984.  Gutsy because we believed we could carve out a lifetime at Disney.

Crazy to leave Disney in 2014, at only 55, after 30 incredible years as a Disney Leader.

But it was just another invisible monumental milestone in a series of steps on the path to a life without regret.

We all have a private, inspiring backstory.

Tell it to yourself like a broken record.

Your little victories, like a morning jog, become so much sweeter.

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