i asked him to go on a second walk

Teddy Bears in a car
Ten steps from Buddha, we almost didn’t see this because of the reflection with the trees and sky.


Teddy Bears in a car
Context. front bumper just feet away from road.


Teddy Bears in a car
More context.


Shortly after our hour walk from Muhlenberg, i asked our son to go on another walk.

We are not getting any exercise.

Walking at least five miles somehow feels like a decent compromise.

Later last night as we watched the 51st CMA awards…conversation among the four 55+ adults…

The 57-year-old doesn’t sleep well. His cousin, a few years older, doesn’t either.

The fairly common habit of using TV to fall asleep (unintentionally) in your living room in the early evening.

It’s dangerous.

One evening turns into two, turns into three, turns into a month, then four months, then a lifetime.

The ripple effect is literally disastrous.

Dig in and fight back.

As if your life depends upon it.

It literally does.

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