Heart to heart talk with your number one supporter

Bicycle rifding to school near Disney World
Yesterday. In a groove.


What starts out as us finding our groove in life can become a rut so deep, we cannot climb out.

Having a heart to heart talk with your number one supporter (you) means you have to get tough with yourself.

You have to get real.

Have to.

No one can make you except you.

There is no other way. No short cut.

The only thing standing in our way is the bull crap excuses we keep telling ourselves.

Simplicity is the only way.

As long as we attempt too much, we will never have balance and we will never be healthy.

Having too much overwhelms us.

Being overwhelmed is deadly. It is also chronic.

Fix it.

Even if it takes years.

The time will pass anyway.

Make it count.

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