Walt Disney World Performance Excellence 1994

Began writing the first Disney book yesterday, 100 days behind schedule. It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic…

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Walt Disney World Performance Excellence 1994

From a 1995 Orlando Sentinel Disney article.

The goal of the program – or process, as Disney managers prefer to call it – is to improve the company’s service, to go beyond what visitors expect.

It would do so by setting higher standards for employees and making them more accountable. But the program also includes such changes as allowing every employee to make on-the-spot decisions about how to appease an unhappy customer instead of having to consult a manager.

”What we’re trying to do, broadly, is celebrate all of those aspects of our culture and training that lead us to excel,” said Judson Green, president of Walt Disney Attractions. ”At the same time, we want to reinfuse some new thinking, new behavior and new values that we thought would be particularly important as we look out over the next 10 years.”

He set the process in motion a couple of years ago, calling it ”performance excellence.” The approach grew out of the tough times Disney World experienced in the early part of the decade.

Business was declining, in part because of economic slowdowns in the United States and abroad, and later because of some high-profile crimes in Florida. But Disney also faced increased competition from other destinations and from the cruise industry.




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