Find Your Excuse

Be Inspired, Have Fun, Stay Healthy
Be Inspired, Have Fun, Stay Healthy

You know it and I know it.  Don’t we?  It’s no secret.

The hardest thing to do when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, is to continue our motivation for an entire lifetime.

So, here’s our number one excuse: Life is insanely busy and difficult.

Use this “blinding flash of the obvious” to your advantage.  This is extraordinarily powerful.  But only if you are willing to admit it and use it to overcome what most never do.

One of the best ways to overcome excuses is to find an “excuse” to get involved. And your “excuse” may change throughout your lifetime. Changing is not failure.  Quitting is failure.

Track and Field is what’s doing it for me. Track and Field is the number one participatory sport in the United States public school systems. Monkeys were made to climb. Fish to swim. Birds to fly.  Humans to walk and run.

Today through March 6, in Kamloops, British Columbia, the world’s best Master’s Track and Field Athletes will gather to represent their Countries in the “Senior” Olympics.

It was a goal to be there this year. Injuries have prevented that from happening.  But indomitable will has kept me running and hoping for the USATF Master’s Track and Field National Championships this summer.

And you?

By jeff noel

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