Hungry For Change Food Inc

Hungry For Healthy Change?
Hungry For Healthy Change?


That’s all I can say.

Most, if not all of Lane 8’s focus has been centered around exercise, with hints and glimpses of diet and nutrition.

You care about your health. We all do. But if you are seriously interested in taking more control of your destiny, you really should watch this movie trailer.

I know you’re busy.  We’re all busy. But when you have people who are advocates for a better way, they actually do much of the ground work, so all you have to do is click “play”.

It’s short.  It’s powerful. It’s relevant. It premieres June 12.  The analogy is the same as what passionate people did to expose the tobacco industry, after decades of total political protection.

The food processing industry should be one of the next big targets to put in the cross hairs.

Click here.

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