Dr Curtis Wagner, thank you!

I met with Dr Curtis Wagner of Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida – www.floridafootdocs.com/gpage2.html – for a checkup this morning.

My left heel had me concerned enough that I prayed long and hard last night for wisdom and guidance.

What I discerned was that I was willing to surrender and accept whatever consequences where revealed from this morning’s visit.

Of course, after a decade on this journey to battle high cholesterol, and working so long and so hard, that my running became an extraordinary “story”, the last thing on my mind was stopping.

I finally found my resolve and was content to go to sleep.

When Dr Wagner came into the exam room, I told him, “I surrender to your verdict.” It was humbling.

I could sense his belief in my sincerity. This too, was quite humbling.

He said, “Don’t stop training yet. Keep up your stretching, ice, and night-splint. Take one 200mg Celebrex capsual each day for 30 days. See me in two weeks.”

I can only begin to tell you that whatever is in store as this unusaul journey unfolds, I am willing to accept it and use it to bring honor and glory to God.

Use me as your instrument. Give me courage and wisdom to remain humble and discerning.

Good night.