Walking home from the gym and a car accident

Car accident
Walking home from gym yesterday, 9am.
Car accident
Seemed under control so i walked over. i walk left at the curve to continue home but i went over check it out.
Car accident
The driver is to my right, out of photo on purpose. He fell asleep. He drove past his home which was just 200 meters away from the curve. He was uninjured.

Walking home from the gym and a car accident. The driver was asleep as he passed his home on the straight residential road.

He awoke at the curve but it was too late to navigate the curve.

We both reflected on how he was lucky to not have been on the Interstate where he had been 15 minutes prior.

He could have died.

Might have taken a few lives with him.

In the blink of an eye.

What’s a much slower potential disaster is the long-term effect of not exercising, not habitually resting adequately, nor getting balanced nutrition.

It’s a slow death i reckon.

No one notices. 

It’s the American way.

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