Why the World Championships?

Why do I have this crazy dream of running in Lane 8, in the 400 meter finals (Men 50-54), at the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships?

I don’t know exactly.

There are several factors:

1.  Hereditary high cholesterol.

2.  I get bored easily.

3.  I have a tendancy to dream BIG!

4.  I’d like to live to see our eight-year old son graduate High School in ten years.

5.  It’s absolutely impossible!

There, I said it.

It IS impossible.

Yes, and….

The only reason it’s impossible is because the odds say so.

After a decade of obstacles, simply to get and stay healthy, I’ve come to realize that the hard work and the time commitment, have elevated my running from ordinary to something unexpected – extraordinary.

So, while I’m healthy and motivated, I’d like to revisit a childhood dream of being an Olympian.  Thank you Randy Paush (The Last Lecture), for the permission to hold onto childish dreams.

Dream big.  Get there.  Stay there.

Make it a great day, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem.  🙂

By jeff noel

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