Mountain hiking advice

Bishops Cap left horizon. Pollock Mountain center horizon. Piegan Mountain the small white capped triangle-peak barely noticeable on center-right horizon.

If you have the opportunity to hike above 6,000′ for a week, here is one critical tip and three practical reasons to follow the tip:

Critical tip: You want to have your walking muscles in good condition before heading into the mountains.

Practical reasons:

  1. Walking above 6,000′ is easier if your body is already a walking body.
  2. You will carry a daypack with food, water, and other sensible provisions like a rain poncho, power brick, extra layers for potential sudden adverse weather. A walking body will adjust easier to the extra weight.
  3. Your legs will receive healthy elevation gain and loss. Having a walking body accelerates your acclimation to the terrain.

Note: The goal is to hike at a pace where we maintain controlled breathing. This pace will be especially slow, and wonderful, the first few days.

Finally, our goal isn’t to cover lots of miles quickly. Our goal is to savor the scenery, the company, the wilderness.

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