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Rebecca supports the Masterminds website. It’s her first Mastermind visit in the 10 years of its existence. We randomly sat together along the ballroom’s back wall.
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Rebecca asked me if i still keep in touch with Disney Institute. Why? Because she discovered this…
Disney Institute website screenshot
Online courses? Of course. No. Wait. Not sure because i cannot see anything.

The type of hustling i excel at now is vibrancy hustling.


Not interested in book hustling.

Not interested in speaking engagement sales hustling.

Not interested in speaking-social-media hustling.

i spend all my time hustling to be in the present moment.


Ps. It is nice to contemplate and reflect on why i don’t work harder to grow my business.

The Mastermind’s sole purpose is to help ambitious dentists exponentially increase their Invisalign sales. Simultaneously, enhancing people’s ability to have straighter, whiter teeth.

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