i can’t and i won’t are enemies

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Anyone can write a book and self-publish it, but most won’t. Photo: Summer 2017 in Glacier National Park…Lake McDonald in the background with smoke from a forest fire. i am an expert in fear and doubt – it took me 30 years to write the first sentence, two more to finish, and then an additional two more years to have the courage to publish.


You are the CEO of You, Inc.

What do you think a CEO is supposed to do?


Let me guess.

Your answer is the one you’ve been taught to regurgitate.

But you’re balking.

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of going off alone?

Everyone knows straying from the well-worn path, the “tried and true academic recipe”  may lead to failure.

But not straying may lead to regret.

Which do you fear more?

Pick the toughest battle.

Fight regret.

And remember…

i can’t and i won’t are enemies.

i can’t works insidiously to pose as i won’t.

You can’t or you won’t.

Which one is it?

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