Health is wealth is such an understatement

Two post inguinal hernia repair surgery medications
The hospital was very wise, they knew I’d need both these bottles, desperately


The things we take for granted until we don’t have them – walking, getting in and out of bed,¬†bowel movements.

When you’re bedridden, the extent of exercise consists of getting in and out of bed, especially when you’ve been given a narcotic to mask the pain, it’s decently serious.

Having a daily routine that can not be performed, well, it quickly becomes a major issue. Thank goodness for the second bottle.

Second day of recovery, went for a 200 meter walk (end of street and back). I asked Cheryl, “Have you ever seen me walk this slow”. She smiled and half-laughed, “No!”.

Insight: The hard work of exercise is worth every invisible, non-obvious, taken-for-granted benefit it provides.

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