We All Have Time, Even When We Say We Don’t

Long, Lonely Stretches Can Discourage You
Long, Lonely Stretches Can Discourage You

An hour ago (9am), near the end of my morning run, I slowed to talk to the man, and then stopped to walk with him for the next 20 minutes.

I’ve seen him out walking for the past year or so.

He recently retired, at age 50, after 27 years, owning famous-brand counter-service food outlets in Mall Food Courts.

He then gained 35 pounds, which led to walking a mile a day, and then eventually two miles a day.

He’s gone from 301 to 245 pounds.


He walks eight miles daily, six days a week. Rick says it takes 2.5 hours. He’s retired. He’s got time.

Even though we may not have 2.5 hours, we all have time, even when we say we don’t.

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