Two out of three ain’t bad

Swiftcurrent Motor Inn rooms have a nice desk, but no connectivity. Given a choice, i will not stay here again, even though the location is incredible.
The two small dark blue buildings are a Tiny Home. Living area is taller building, bathroom is smaller building on left. Mountains looming in background. Strong wifi and cell signal in room. The light blue buildings are also a Tiny Home configuration.

One: Glacier National Park is one to two hours away from Kalispell airport, depending which part of the park you’re in. 

Two: My two iPhones travel everywhere in my pockets. 

Three: One week of poor connection is one week too long.

Connectivity is iffy and often non-existent, depending on where you are in the park. 

Last week in Swiftcurrent was less than ideal. Loved the location, cringed the access. 

Yesterday in St. Mary the Wi-Fi and Verizon was awesome. 

Yesterday was a rest day because winds and temps in the Swiftcurrent Valley were too harsh. 

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