Physical blank slate

Snow at Logan Pass
The road marker-poles include some fresh trees.


Snow at Logan Pass
The snow dropping from the road marker-poles startled me the first time snow fell from one.


Snow at Logan Pass
A similar image to this on Glacier’s Facebook page last September inspired me to return late September last year. Never thought i’d ever take a similar photo.


Snow at Logan Pass
Logan Pass Visitor’s Center. Never in a million years did i expect to personally witness this scene.


Snow at Logan Pass
The mashup of color is a gift to witness.


Snow at Logan Pass
Thank you, Universe, for the gift of eyesight.


What if…

We had…

(Every morning)…


Physical blank slate?

Who says we don’t?


Your slate is clean.

Ps. You get to call this each morning you are gifted to awake to a new day. It ain’t rocket surgery.

Pss. Of course, there’s heredity, genetics, accidents, etc…from all that, we still have choices we control. One of the most obvious is our diet. Fruits and vegetables are inexpensive at their respective harvest times…eliminate sugar, alcohol, and heavily-processed snacks, meats, etc.


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