One leaves, One stays

On second floor. My room is the lit window and the one on the left.
One last photo before leaving Glacier, from Apgar at the foot of Lake McDonald, a tradition.
He headed home on schedule yesterday, a Saturday.
From the airport, i drove straight to Avalanche Creek parking. Got a miracle “last open parking space” space.
Bird Woman Falls is 500’ tall (492’ exactly). One of the first of Bird Woman’s many spectacular views on the way up.
The iPhone has a decent zoom lens.
Heaven’s Peak through the Westside tunnel.
Nice color palate.
The Netherlands father and his High School Junior daughter (who spent her junior year with a Montana Host Family) offered to take this photo after i offered to take a couple pictures of them.

One leaves, one stays.

Be flexible. 

Give and take. 

Be intentional. 


We reserved two bikes for three days Tuesday-Thursday. Alas, a road project made biking Going To The Sun Road impossible. 

The only hope was to extend my stay through Monday instead of Saturday. 

Yesterday’s ride was incredible. 

So worth staying. 

Looking forward to today’s ride back up on this Father’s Day 2019. 

Our son and i are returning in July for several weeks, so i didn’t insist he extend his stay – it was his call. 

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