Keeping up with the spotlight

One Man’s Dream is up to one man (or woman), you.

Keeping up with the spotlight.

Balance is believably impossible because no one (except a few exceptions) wants to make the kind of sacrificres necessary to rethink, reprioritize, and recommit to a personal new world order.

Trying to outdo others and one-upmanship. It used to be with money, zipcodes, and material things. Now it’s social media currency – notifications, comments, likes, views, subscribers.

To walk away from social media and the dopamine from the red dot notifications is liberating.

Want a new and different wealth?

Get outside, go to a gym, have a decent sleep schedule, and eat balanced nutrition in logical portions. Stop drinking soda, stay away from sugar-laden processed foods. The list of common-sense wellness strategies and tactics is easily accessible.

You are also free to create your own hybrid habits and rituals. How cool is that?

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