Don’t listen to what i say

Harvard and Disney Business schools. Photo: London Gatwick airport yesterday.

Don’t listen to what i say, watch what i do.

Don’t believe, nor trust, a business guru (like Harvard Business School, Disney Institute, or me) who doesn’t speak about and insist on balanced excellence.

If you neglect your health in pursuit of wealth (or anything) this (chronic) neglect is a sure sign you are not pursuing excellence.

Health is wealth. – Grammy Felegy (mom’s grandmother, your great great mother)

Son, balance, in the early years is a pendulum, moving back and forth (or in and out) until you gain enough experience where it has far less sway and almost constant consistency.

As i finish my sixth decade today, my balance between mind, body, spirit, money, and hq is extraordinarily consistent compared to all the other decades.

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