West Glacier weather for Early october
Temperatures dropped 25 degrees yesterday. And for today, October 1, a 36-degree drop. i spent the daytime hours on the St Mary side.


Lake McDonald Boat House views
Last look from Boat House beach.


Lake McDonald Boat House views
Turning the other direction, last look at Village Inn at Apgar.


Lake McDonald Boat House views
We generally stay here the final night of each trip because it is the closest “in-Park” accommodation to the airport.


Lake McDonald Boat House views
The Aspen are at peak yellow.


This morning, after spending four full days on the road.

156.5 pounds.

7.4 hours of sleep last night.

i track it daily using Apple’s Notes app.


To be mindful of where i stand the past 24 hours and to be mindful of patterns (aka habits).

Knowing both of these allows me to stay the course and/or correct the course.

Otherwise, i, like many Americans, are on a crash course with their personal health.

Fix your health, then start worrying about someone else.


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