Quite Showing Off She Said

Jesus Was A Showoff?
Jesus Was A Showoff?

And I thought, “Showing off? I’m not showing off!”

Remember what Gandhi said, “You must become the change you wish to see in the world.”

It’s a fairly common stereotype, or paradigm, to think that 51 year olds are not even close to being in great physical condition.

Mostly it’s true. And it’s true because not many 51 year olds are in great physical condition, which only fuels the ridiculous paradigm.

We need role models, but not role models who can talk about it. We need role models who can lead the way  – by doing it. And the only way we can know they can do it, is if they do.

I guess Barak Obama is a show off for being the first black president, or Jesus for dying on the cross, or Mother Teresa, Oprah, Steve Jobs…

By jeff noel

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