The goal of running

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The goal of running is to see what we are humanly capable of.

And to use our body in a way that goes back to the origin of mankind.

Running is how we escaped danger.

Running is how we caught food.

Modern day running is how we found joy on the playground.


Yesterday’s track workout:

  • 2-mile slow jog warm up
  • 5 x 400: 98, 95, 88, 91, 89 (recovery = 400/4min walk)
  • 800 walk/8min walk between sets)
  • 5 x 800: 4:00, 3:41, 3:33, 3:21, 3:11 (recovery = 400/4min walk)
  • 2 mile cool down
  • 1 hour core and strength workout at Golds

Felt some mild shine pain during 400’s and decided to slow the pace and increase the distance, hence the 800’s.

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