Speaker Video idea 2/5 – Prelude

Disney Customer Service Speakers
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Speaker Video idea 2/5 – Prelude:

This is the very first scene…setting context…the establishing shot (aka the long shot).

Some options in which where jeff is “dreaming aloud” about how to solve for the constant question from Speakers Bureaus and Meeting Planners, “Where are your speaker videos?” jeff’s current answer is, “i don’t have any.” This scene could start…

  1. On a call with a client who has just asked the question, so jeff repeats the question (with phone to his ear) and begins to answer (and somehow the answer is revealed in the video?)
  2. At the gym while doing an exercise
  3. At his home office desk
  4. In his kitchen while making hot water
  5. While talking to a client on his iPhone, at any location deemed interesting
  6. jeff waking up in his bed at 5am
  7. In the car driving home with his Son (17) after High School

•  •  •  •  •

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