The real metric takes a lifetime to measure

disney benefits
Fun to look at. The envelope below also contained Disney benefits information.
disney benefits
How much fun is this envelope? Which envelope are you more motivated to open? Imagine good health and poor health as envelopes…


We began, as a Family, August 6, 2018.

We are in week 13.

Nine mailboxes each day.

Why aren’t we at 13 mailboxes?

Because i’m flexible with my wife’s and son’s progress.

And on four different Mondays, we opted to not increase another mailbox and instead ran the same number as the previous week.

There is no hurry to reach a distance goal.

No race we must be ready for.

The transformation isn’t measured in the distance we cover, it’s measured in the consistency of the effort – the longer you stay with transformation, the easier it is to measure the long-term commitment.

Real success will be measured in our ability to stay active (and it doesn’t have to be running) for a lifetime.

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