Hawai’i may be too far away, unless it happens in Summer

Disney's Boardwalk Resort
We began on the back porch, in the dark.
Disney's Boardwalk Resort
After a 40-minute walk, i began a 40-minute jog.
Disney's Boardwalk Resort
After the walk and jog, i began the writing in the Convention Center.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney’s Hollywood Studios was part of the run.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney’s Hollywood Studios before sunrise.
Epcot's International Gateway
Epcot’s International Gateway just after sunrise.
Apple Watch 2 exercise app
Apple Watch 2 exercise app, just after 8am.
Disney Institute Engagement class
Disney Institute Engagement class was down the hall from my writing location. Small world after all.

Disney Institute is conducting a four-day Employee Engagement professional development session at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

A friend, fellow business advisor, and potential liaison to Hawaiian business opportunities is attending from Hawai’i.

We met in 2013 while i taught a Disney Institute Quality Service class.

We met yesterday to walk and catch up in person.

i remain mindful it’s between 14-18 hours to travel Orlando to Hawai’i.

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