1, 1, 4, 72

Funny saying about healthy people
From the halls of Cedar Crest College in Allentown Pennsylvania two days ago. A harsh reality?


This morning’s Leadership Keynote speech is a 50-minute executive overview featuring:

  • 1 harsh reality
  • 1 astonishing paradox
  • 4 world-class leadership basics
  • 72-hour challenge

1, 1, 4, 72

Imagine if you had someone on the inside – for a lifetime – and they were able to deconstruct Disney’s success secrets in a clear, concise and compelling summary, would you want access?

The harsh reality is no one builds a reputation on what they’re gonna do.

The astonishing paradox is we know the basics of a balanced approach to employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and business operational excellence.

But we forget.

Four world-class leadership basics: Vision, Involvement, Accountability, Commitment.

A clear, concise, and compelling vision.

Involving employees by moving from compliance through training, to commitment through development.

Accountability that has clarity and agreement.

Commitment means thriving in a culture that is never satisfied.




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