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+++++  End of 4-page Storyboard  +++++ 

What does that mean?

It means the storyboard notes from 2016 to 2022 now have the book content first-draft completed.

Doing the math, that’s six years to get this close to submitting a manuscript for the first of seven Disney Business Books.

In a perfect world, you will be able to buy all seven books on Amazon by the time this post publishes February 20, 2023.

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The best business excellence analogy i can make (reprise)

The best business excellence analogy i can make (reprise)

Here’s the best analogy for why organizational vibrancy blueprints need to be drawn up like architectural drawings:

No one begins building anything without blueprints.

The more detailed the drawings, the better the outcomes.

Literally nothing gets missed when the design is on paper.

Take physical vibrancy, for example:

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength
  3. Nutrition
  4. Rest
  5. Core
  6. Flexibility
  7. Motivation

Common thinking includes the two headliners, diet and exercise. Sometimes sleep is referenced. 

Rarely (probably never) have you or anyone you know refined physical vibrancy into seven core blueprints.

What would happen to your approach if you had to draw up plans for all seven?

A common response is overwhelm, leading to avoidance.

A second response is rationalizing the details are only for olympians and other superior athletes.

It’s the same way organizational vibrancy architecture is deemed critically important for only the world’s leading, blue-chip companies.

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Disney Business Excellence Activity

Disney Business Excellence Activity

We are going to pause for a few minutes and give you an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve read from “It’s A Trap” (page __) to here.

In the space below, write (or draw) words, phrases, questions, answers. Remember, the reason you’re doing this is to capture your key thoughts as we build your organizational vibrancy assessment of your current state, visualize a bright future for yourself and your organization, and start outlining your business excellence next steps agenda.

Have fun, dream big, burn your ships…

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Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready, Fire, Aim

Before you go any further, ask yourself some honest vibrancy questions.

If you are unable to answer yes to every question, you should rethink your motivation.

Our leadership excellence is vibrant?

Our employee engagement is vibrant?

Our customer service is vibrant?

Our brand reputation is vibrant?

Our creativity and innovation is vibrant?

World-class Organizational Vibrancy is our goal?

Six yeses?

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Why This Disney Business Excellence Book Is Valuable

Why This Disney Business Excellence Book Is Valuable

It is simple and easy to read.

It is rocket fuel for people who are stubborn, don’t take no for an answer, and detest the status quo.

It is the roadmap to a world-class destination, organizational vibrancy.

You decide which route and what method for getting there.

No matter which route you pick and what travel method you choose, there is that one-and-only, final destination: world-class organizational vibrancy.

The what and how are unimportant without a clear, concise, compelling why. So be crystal clear with your destination.

Equipped with a timeless ‘why’, your what and how naturally start falling into place. Your what and how will ebb and flow as you journey toward organizational vibrancy.

Be prepared for unexpected world, economic, technology, and industry disruptions to dramatically alter your what and how.

While you will be forced to make timely changes to your what and how, your why is timeless.

Your why is not only timeless, but powerful, lofty, inspiring, and maybe even impossible. Which is perfect. Why? Because impossible goals contain the power to stir the human soul.

You decide what and how to make it work.

Disney’s historic, innovative approach to what and how are based on time-tested, context-neutral business excellence pillars.

Context-neutral, common-sense business pillars provide a simple, non-negotiable framework for organizational vibrancy: Leaders, Employees, Customers, Brand, Innovation.

This profoundly simple framework provides the opportunity for you to make it work based on your unique leadership style.

Disney’s why is simple – we make people happy.

The why never changes. The how and what change as needed.

This book reveals time-tested, world-famous Disney business practices in a never revealed before way.

It explains the 19 architectural blueprints within the five context-neutral business excellence pillars.

It focuses on being intentional where you and your organization may have been less intentional or maybe even completely unintentional.

It enables people and organizations to understand how to create an intentional culture that scales and that consistently produces personal and organizational vibrancy.

It is singularly-focused on why Disney does the things it does.

The sentence above is the key to this entire book.

It frees you from focusing on what and how – this will come later after you understand, and become, intentional with your “why”.

Pro-tip: discern the why. The why’s DNA is embedded on every page. Sometimes in written word, sometimes in mystic, common sense energy.

NOTE: END – 1st Round Blog Posts (04.21.21)

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