Usain Bolt 100m World Record

Usain Bolt, Jamaica, broke his own 100m world record, at the 2009 Berlin, Germany World Championships, a few weeks ago.

USA’s Tyson Gay set a United States National record, with his second place finish.

Know what’s crazy?  Tyson Gay is now the second fastest human being in the history of the world.

Remember how far ahead Usain Bolt was when he set the 100 meter world record, 9.69, in Beijing last year?

Well, Tyson’s 9.71 would have put Tyson so close to Usain, that it would’ve been almost too close to call the winner in that Olympic final.

And despite this accomplishment, public appreciation for it is virtually non-existent.

How is that possible?

Perhaps it’s our inability to separate results from performance.  You think about that.

And what about the guy who finished last.  What a loser, eh?

Who among us is actually congratulating the last place finisher for being the eight fastest man in the entire world.

Crazy!  Yet it won’t stop me from making the most of today.  Seize it baby, seize it, jeff noel 🙂

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