Diversity makes the world go round

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Diversity of perspective is a core Disney value. i use it in my personal life with the same enthusiasm and expectation.


Be open to many points of view.

Be open to many belief systems.

Embrace our inalienable right to personal freedom of choice.


And this is huge…

Whatever it is that you believe in, believe in it with everything you’ve got.

It may take years, decades even, to hone your convictions – never tire in your journey.

Enjoy the ride.

And keep an eye on the clock.

PS. i personally believe that our body is the temple housing everything keeping us alive. To do anything that inhibits, obstructs, or destroys my temple should be corrected as soon as possible.

No one is a saint. No one is perfect. But all of us have the choice to pursue excellence.


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