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How much hype surrounds diet and exercise?

Exactly, but you won’t find any here.

If you’re looking for authenticity, encouragement, hope, ideas, tips, and strategies to get healthier and stay healthier, welcome to Lane 8.

Friends once told me I don’t need to worry about diet and exercise. I shot back, “It’s because I DO worry about it everyday – that’s why it looks like that to you.”

I write short, pithy posts each morning about health matters. At 51, the results speak for themselves. I guarantee you’ll think differently¬†about your health if you visit each day.

And different is what most most people need, because doing the same things and expecting different results, is….well….you know the saying….

What I can’t guarantee is if you’ll make slow and steady positive changes. That’s up to you.

If not today, when?

Okay, I said what needed to be said. This entry is longer than the daily posts, which usually take less than 30 seconds, but may resonate with you all day.

By jeff noel

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