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Welcome to Lane 8.org.

Which would you rather be:

The slowest of the fastest? Or, the fastest of the slowest?

In most competitions, lane 8 is generally considered the “slow” lane. The fastest are in the center lanes and slower people beside them until you get to the outside lane. Lane 8 is definitely reserved for the slowest competitor.

Why tell you all that?

Great question.

Because, life is about choices.

I believe we all have a very basic choice in life.

To be all we can be.

Or, to not be all we can be.

That is the question…….(Shakespere, where art thou?)

While the question is basic, the answer is one we struggle with our entire lives. Well, if not all our lives, at least until the point where we give up, and settle for “defeat”. I can’t imagine not wanting to be the victor over evil, over hate, over poverty, over indifference, over greed, over temptation, and so on.

Can you?

So here’s the deal, I’m settling for lane 8. Yep, I’ll be content with the slow lane.


No. Read on.

There’s one important caveat:

Lane 8 in the Finals. At the Master’s World Championships. In Finland. In August. In 2009!

You see, I’m a master’s (30 and older) runner, but unlike most runners, distance is not the name of the game. Speed is.

What’s crazy about this is my race is over after one lap.

A world-class runner (Men 50-54 years age-group) can run 400 meters somewhere around 55 seconds. The All-American standard of excellence is 57.5 seconds.

You know what’s even crazier? I’ll have to tell you later. Gotta go for a run.

Dream Big. Get There. Stay There.

By jeff noel

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