The early bird gets the worm

The early bird gets the show. You know what’s about to happen. Crash!
Back to back morning, solo summits. First one there both days.
In 75 minutes, the summit was mine. There was no goal to ascend quickly. i simply knew what i was doing this time.

Son, your college freshman schedule has been built for you.

Your schedule is unique and early morning starts are not included.

You may or may not become a morning person.

This is a personal choice, often driven by a work schedule.

Don’t sweat it now, just know there is Magic in being early. Keep that knowledge close to you as you build your life.

Remember how easily we were able to do exactly what we wanted at Glacier because we made early starts our number one priority.

Off the trails when the day gets the hottest (and crowds the heaviest) and then back out in early evening – without any crowds, hassles, or disappointments.

The stunning skies, the wildlife, and our opportunities for extra-ordinary sights and experiences increased exponentially because our activity was counter-intuitive to the crowds.

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